There is an insignificant Monday Night football game featuring the Cardinals and the 49ers tonight, but in essence, all the important NFL action took place yesterday.  And although big wins were registered by the Eagles, Vikings, Dolphins, Chargers and Patriots, this week’s recap will be dedicated to the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, two teams that remain undefeated at this late stage of the season, despite the fact that neither one is an All-Time great team.  So this week’s recap will be dedicated to these two imposters.

1. The New Orleans Saints ran their record to 13-0 with a 26-23 victory over the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome.  For the third time in four weeks, the Saints looked very beatable, as this time the Falcons had the ball, down by three, with two minutes left in the game.  Chris Redman, the Falcons’ back-up quarterback, was good enough to keep Atlanta in the ball game, but was not good enough to win it, as his pass to Jason Snelling on fourth down and 2 on the Falcons’ final drive netted Atlanta only one yard.  So the Saints are 13-0, and they have games remaining against the Cowboys, the Buccaneers, and the Panthers.  And although they will be favored to win each of those games, we would nt be surprised if they lost any of them.  That’s because the Saints have been challenged in each of their last two games against inferior opponents (the Falcons could have won that game, while the Redskins should have beaten the Saints the week before.)  This team has a dynamic offense, but it has a very well-rounded defense — they have no corners (a little football humor there).  The defensive is suspect, and we’ll see if comes up to bite them later in the season.

2. The Indianapolis Colts have this way of jumping on opponents early and then allowing the other team to make a spirited comeback, only to score again late and secure the victory.  The Colts used this formula yet again to dispatch the Denver Broncos. The Colts got up 21-0 early behind two touchdown catches by Dallas Clark (pictured), then allowed the Broncos to score the next 16 points before scoring late to ice the game.  Indy won 28-16, despite allowing Brandon Marshall to catch 21 balls in the game (an NFL record.)  We don’t really have a problem with Colts pedigree as they chase perfection.  (more…)


Vikings Packers Football

Game 5 of the World Series could be a clincher tonight, as the Yankees lead the Phillies 3 games to 1.  But there is also Monday Night football this evening, and tonight’s game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints should be a good one (We are going with the Falcons in this one, but are hoping that Michael Turner does not have a big day.  We are playing against him in fantasy this week.) But yesterday was yet another football Sunday, and although the schedule was relative light (six teams had bye this week), there was plenty of action on the field.  Here’s our recap of what you may have missed.

1. It’s official.  Brett Favre owns the Green Bay Packers.  After being greeted with boos as he came on to Lambeau Field for the first time since he was traded by the Packers two years ago, Favre completed 17 of 28 passes with four touchdowns and no interception in leading the Minnesota Vikings to a 38-26 victory over Green Bay.  As he left the field, he still received his fair share of boos, but there was a lot more applause mixed into that reception after the contest. “Packer fans cheer for the Packers first,” Favre said aftwerward. “I know that. But I hope that everyone in the stadium watching tonight said, ‘I sure hate those jokers on the other side, but he does play the way he’s always played.’ ” Could it be that we like Brett Favre more now than we did just a few weeks ago?

2. Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts, who have now started the season 7-0 after a tighter-than-expected 18-14 victory over the visiting San Francisco 49ers.  Quarterback Peyton Manning threw for 347 yards, and wide receiver Reggie Wayne had a career high 12 catches for Indianapolis.  But for all their success, the Colts have played only one team (the 4-3 Arizona Cardinals) with a winning record this far this season.  But all that will change in the next few weeks.  In two weeks they have a home date with the New England Patriots, followed by a road trip to play the Baltimore Ravens.  But their biggest game of the year may take place next weekend when they face… (more…)


There are no marquee match-ups in college football this weekend.  None. Nada.  Zip. Zilch.  The only match-up of top 25 teams this week features Texas Christian facing Brigham Young.  Not exactly must-see viewing.  Most college football fans will still want to be in front of the television for the 3:30 games, as Alabama-Tennessee, Oregon-Washington, and Penn State-Michigan are big regional rivalries.  But in each case, only one of those teams has been particularly good this season, so arguments can and should be made to avoid sitting inside.  Yes, this is the Saturday to take your sports fan antiquing, or for a drive to see the fall foliage.  But do so on Saturday afternoon, because the Yankees-Angels series resumes that night, and the NFL takes over on Sunday.  Here’s what’s on tap.

1. College football sits on the backburner this weekend, as there are no truly big games this weekend.  So we stress again that this is the weekend to get out of house.  Next weekend features marquee match-ups between Oregon and USC, as well as Oklahoma State and Texas.  Plus, the World Series wil have started, with games scheduled on both Saturday and Sunday. Of the games listed, we believe the Oregon-Washington game will be the best of the bunch.  Washington has played every team they have played tough this year, and this game is being played in Seattle.  The Ducks are on Upset Watch.

2. The American League Championship Series resumes Saturday night with Game 6.  If the Yankees should happen to lose to the Angels on Saturday, expect all of New York’s sports fans to have the clicker firmly in hand on Sunday night.  Game 7 is scheduled for Sunday night, and the New York Giants are playing the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night football.  No Mad Men for you! (more…)