Non-sports fans, this weekend was a glimpse into the very near future.  With the NFL taking the weekend off in preparation for the Super Bowl (Yes, the Super Bowl is upon us and it is this Sunday.  Put it on your calendar now), there was precious little on the sporting schedule this past weekend.  Wasn’t it glorious?  No college football.  No professional football.  Just regular season hockey, some college hoops, and meaningless NBA games were on the docket, and none of them were a valid excuse to miss out on that baby shower you so wanted your sports fan to attend with you.  And here’s the kicker.  If you survive next weekend’s Super Bowl, there will be no major sporting events after that until mid-March when the NCAA basketball tournament begins.  Six whole weeks of nothingness.  But we warn you, this time will not come without its pitfalls.  Sports fans throughout the country will be going through football withdrawal after Sunday’s Saints-Colts finale (we will be previewing that game later this week.) Men will wake up on Sunday mornings a little bit at a loss as to what to do. We will see the best sports fans of our generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves by empty sports bars at midnight looking for an angry football fix.  It will be up to you to fill their days, so make the most of this time.  

Now, if last night your sports fan watched the NFL’s Pro Bowl, the worst of the all-star games in the four major sports, he/she will truly be hurting next week.  Indeed, anyone who watches the Pro Bowl, a game so awful that more of the top players in the league ask out of the game than actually play in it, will probably need to be checked into Football Rehab (for the record, the AFC topped the NFC 41-34 last night. Houston’s crappy quarterback Matt Schaub (pictured) was named the game’s most valuable player. We found out by checking the Internet this morning, highlighting just how unimportant this contest truly is.  We didn’t even watch it).  But fear not, within a week or so, even the most hardened of football fans will be fine in a few weeks.  So enjoy this time, friends.  You’ve earned it.