On a day in which the Patriots lost in truly embarrassing fashion to the Saints, we really needed some good news.  And we got it in the form of the Philadelphia 76ers beginning negotiations with guard Allen Iverson to return to the city and the team that made him a true superstar.

Now we are Philadelphia-area natives, but we have been wandering in the wilderness of NBA-fandom ever since the Sixers traded Iverson to the Denver Nuggets two years ago.  NBA basketball is a player-driven enterprise where individual performers are often bigger draws than the teams themselves, and we admit that our bond with the Sixers as an organization was not strong enough to withstand the trade of Iverson, one of only two NBA players we have ever truly loved (the other being Isiah Thomas).  Yet our Philly roots would not allow us to fully embrace the Nuggets once Iverson was traded there.  But we still felt betrayed by the Sixers for trading away, with apologies to Julius Erving and Charles Barkley, the greatest player in franchise history.

But now comes reports that the 76ers and Iverson will be reunited, perhaps as early as Monday when the Sixers host, ironically, the Denver Nuggets.  We are absolutely thrilled by this because we now have a reason to watch the NBA.  We once again have a vested interest in the success of the 76ers.  And we once again will get to see Allen Iverson wear number 3 in Philly.  Please Sixers management, do not fuck this up.  We’re not sure that the suits in the front office in Philadelphia noticed this, but the Sixers made the playoffs last year, and no one in the City of Brotherly Love, or in the sports nation as a whole for that matter, cared one iota because it is hard to muster any excitement for a team whose best player is some guy named Andre Iguodala. This year, the team is 5-13  and deathly boring to watch.  Please front office, swallow your pride or whatever else you have to get over after your acrimonious split with the Answer two years ago and get this done.  We think we speak for many Sixers fans when we say that we will have a hard time forgiving you if you let Iverson slip away again.  Just get it done.  Iverson needs you, and you need him. This just makes too  much sense.