One day later than expected, due to a rain out on Saturday night, the New York Yankees clinched the American League pennant by dismissing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 5-2 in Game 6 of the ALCS. The Yankes won the series 4 games to 2. The Angels committed two costly errors in the bottom of the eighth inning after closing the lead to 3-2 on a single by Vladimir Guerrero.  The Yankees scored twice in that frame, making the ninth inning little more than a formality.

So it’s all set up.  The Philadelphia Phillies will face the Yankees in the World Series starting on Wednesday night.  Cliff Lee will take the ball for the Phillies while C.C. Sabathia will be the starting pitcher for the Yankees’ starter.  Both pitcher, coincidentally, were members of the Cleveland Indians in 2007 (suck on that, Tribe fans.)

Anyway, because of the ridiculous schedule imposed by Major League Baseball, we have a few days to dissect the upcoming series, and we will begin to do that at length tomorrow.  Today, we will focus on some of the inane chatter you will hear in the next few days in anticiaption of this year’s late Fall Classic.

1. “The Phillies really have a chance to win this thing.  Look at their line-up.”

Of course the Phillies can win the World Series.  They are the defending World Champions.  They have a better line-up than the Yankees (that’s right, I said it.) They are better at first base, second base, left field, right field, and centerfield. They have a better starting rotation.  They are faster.  They field better.  They are a very good team.  When was the last time a defending World Champion enter the title round the next year as an underdog.  It’s insane.

2. “These World Series games run on so long because there is just so much strategy involved.  So many pitching changes and visits to the mound, and so forth.  It’s just the nature of high-intensity baseball.”

This is flat-out bullshit.  Playoff games are longer than their regular season counterparts because the commercial breaks are almost three times as long.  That is it.  Last night, in between the end of the eighth inning and the beginning of the ninth inning, Fox broadcast seven commercials.  Seven (one for the Iphone, followed by another ad for Levi’s jeans, then a Taco Bell commercial pimping their new Black Jack Taco, then an ad for that stupid new Cameron Diaz movie, some cute spot featuring Hershey’s chocolate, then an annoying commercial for the Ford Escape featuring an actor we have seen in countless ads trying to act as if she were a real Ford Escape owner, and finally, an ad for the Playstation 3.)  Seven advertisements.  When you add two minutes to your commercial breaks, you are adding at least 36 minutes to every game.  It has nothing to do with strategy.

3. “This has all the makings to be the greatest World Series of all-time.”

The sports media is always short sighted and loves to promote what is happening now or what just happpened as the greatest of all-time.  The greatest World Series of all-time, in our opinion, was without question the 1991 World Series between the Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves.  (Four final at-bat wins.  The last two games were classics, and we are saying this despite the fact that we love the Braves.)  This series will not be that great.  We promise you.