alg_steve_phillips_closeWe are a sports blog, and we try to limit our discussions to the action on the field.  We really do want to be high-minded about our sports analysis, and we debated long and hard (for all of about five minutes) as to whether to address this topic.  But the temptation was just too strong. So…

What is the deal with ESPN’s baseball analysts?  Three years ago, then-ESPN employee Harold Reynolds was fired by the network amid claims of sexual harassment.  According to court documents, five female employees of the Worldwide Leader in Sports lodged complaints against Reynolds, while Reynolds admitted that there was a hug with a female co-worker that may have been “misinterpreted.” Reynolds sued ESPN for wrongful termination, and the case was reportedly settled out of court for a seven-figure sum.

And now we have the story of ESPN’s baseball insider Steve Phillips, who has asked for a leave of absence to attend to his family after disclosing an affair he had with a 22-year-old production assistant (we won’t divulge her name here, but the New York Post, always the go-to spot for salacious and bawdy news,  has a scintilating report on the matter).  Apparently, Phillips has asked for the leave of absence after the young woman went a little bit off the deep end after the former New York Mets GM broke off the affair.

Now, we aren’t fans of Steve Phillips as an analyst.  We feel that he is way too critical of players, and his rant against Josh Hamilton two years ago was ridiculous.  And we all know that he is not the best decision maker.  Just ask Mets fans (Phillips likes to talk about signing Jose Reyes and drafting David Wright, but he also tried to trade Reyes to the Indians as a young player, traded for Mo Vaughn when he had that awful contract, spent big money on aging stars Jeromy Burnitz, Roberto Alomar, Bobby Bonilla and Rickey Henderson, and had to take a leave of absence as the Mets GM to deal with a sexual harassment complaint — sound familiar?) But this has to be the single worst decision he has ever made.  Let us get this straight.  You’re married. You have an affair with a 22-year-old girl. You break it off after a couple of months, and expect her not to try to fuck your shit up?  She didn’t go crazy.  She’s 22, and 22-year-olds are all crazy by nature. Decorum, restraint, and even reason are learned behaivors that typically do not develop in even college-educated human beings until the age of 27 or 28 (the typical late-20s female will realize that hand-delivering a letter detailing your relationship with someone’s husband is not likely to achieve your goal of getting your man back, and is more likely to result in a restraining order). This extends to 22-year-old guys, but they are rarely in a position to mess up a marriage because married women know that these guys are idiots.  They just are.  And women know this.

Now look at you, Steve.  Your wife has filed for divorce, your paramour has been allowed to keep her job at ESPN, you’re now on an extended leave of absence that may very well end in your termination, and nobody in the sports viewing public misses your inane analysis.  Worst. Decision-maker. Ever!