We admit it.  We are not good sports.  We feel that the Broncos have gotten lucky against the Bengals, Patriots and, to a lesser extent, the Cowboys in getting off to a highly improbable 6-0 start. The team’s other three wins (Cleveland, Oakland, and now underachieving San Diego), all have losing records and two of them (Cleveland and Oakland) would have a tough time scoring on Alabama. Plus, we believe the Broncos’ throwback jerseys are ridiculously ugly.

But nonetheless, 6-0 is 6-0, even if the Broncos offense was less than impressive last night against the Chargers.  Eddie Royal’s two touchdown returns (one on a punt, the other on a kickoff) masked the fact the Broncos offense once again faltered in the middle of the game.  Kyle Orton is still Kyle Orton, no matter what you may read, and that means he is still a mediocre quarterback. They have gotten more out of rookie Knowshon Moreno than we expected, and Brandon Marshall has been at his best.  But let’s fool ourselves.  The Broncos are better than we thought they would be.  But they still ain’t no good.

But the bigger question is what is going on with the Chargers? They are a very uninspiring 2-3.  They are on the verge of having a problem at running back because they haven’t been able to decide whether they want to feature the power and toughness of LaDainian Tomlison or if they want to focus on the speed and agility of Darren Sproles (neither is a complete running back at this stage of their careers).  They have problems in their defensive secondary. Philip Rivers has been great for two years now, but let’s not forget that despite making the playoffs last year, they only went 8-8.  This team has big problems, and they go far beyond the leaky special teams that cost the Chargers the game last night.