Nevada Boise St FootballLet’s just say out loud what we all know to be true.  College football polls are crap.

After a spate of upsets this weekend (some of which were predictable like Virginia Tech stomping Miami, while some came out of left field — seriously California, what was that?) the Boise State Broncos, after an uninspiring rout of Bowling Green on Saturday, have risen to number 5 in the rankings in both of college football’s polls.  The reason for the rise is that only four teams that started the season ranked ahead of the Broncos (Florida, Texas, Alabama, and LSU) have yet to lose this season. But being that Florida, Alabama, and LSU are all in the same conference, at least two of these teams will lose before the end of the year, while the Broncos, because they play in the very weak Western Athletic Conference, will be heavy favorites in every game remaining on their schedule and will likely go unbeaten. This will create a mess by season’s end if Texas ever loses, because Boise St. could be in line to play for the national championship despite nobody believing that they are one of the country’s two best teams.

With all due respect to Boise St., does anybody actually believe that the Broncos are better than Virginia Tech, USC, Oklahoma and Ohio St. (the four teams directly behind Boise in the rankings)?  We’re all for the little guys getting a shot at the big boys, but Boise St. getting a pass into the national championship game due to an easy schedule — while more worthy teams who played a more difficult schedule are shut out — would be a shame.

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“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Boise St. being ranked 5th is yet another reason why preseason polls are useless and why college football needs a playoff.  If Texas loses, all hell’s gonna break loose.”

Boise St. is a fine program, and we find the blue “SmurfTurf” at their home stadium adorable.  But they have no business being ranked ahead of the four teams we listed above.  They just are not as good.  They aren’t as talented, and they would likely lose two or three games at least if they played in the SEC, Big 12, Big 10, Pac-10, or ACC (these are the powerhouse football conference.)  Boise St. should have a shot to prove themselves in a playoff (a system which, unfortunately, does not exist in college football), but giving them a pass into the title game because of their weak schedule and high preseason ranking doesn’t do anybody any favors.