cc-sabathiaWhich teams’ fan base is the most spoiled in all of sports?  Is it fans of the New England Patriots, who bitched and moaned about going 11-5 last season while their franchise quarterback (Tom Brady) was out for the season with a knee injury?  Or is it fans from the city of Pittsburgh, who celebrated twice last season when the National Hockey League’s Penguins and the NFL’s Steelers took home their respective titles?

No, this crown belongs to those obnoxious supporters of the New York Yankees, a fan base that has decided that it is their God-given right to go to the postseason every frigging year.  The Yankees technically clinched a playoff spot when the Texas Rangers lost last night to the Oakland Athletics, a game that went final during the 8th inning of the Yankees’ contest with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (seriously, Angels.  You are either from Los Angeles or you are from Anaheim.  The LA of A name is a mouthful and, quite frankly, absurd.)  The Yankees went on to defeat the Angels 6-5.

We would be a lot more gracious about the Yankees’ accomplishment if they hadn’t responded to not making the playoffs for the first time in 12 years last season by purchasing the three most expensive free agents on the market this offseason (first baseman Mark Teixiera and pitchers C.C. Sabathia [pictured] and A.J. Burnett.)  The Yankees’ payroll this season is just north of $208 million, $62 million more than their nearest competitor — the moribund New York Mets.  Of the eight teams expected to make the playoffs this year, seven of them are in the top 12 in payroll (the Colorado Rockies, currently leading in the National League Wild Card race, are ranked 21st in payroll.). The lack of a salary cap has created a caste system in baseball, with high-salaried teams like the Yankees and Boston Red Sox playing the role of Brahmins, while poorer teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates or San Diego Padres are subjugated to the role of Dalits, or untouchables (that information courtesy of Mr. Heim, 9th grade social studies teacher at West Chester East High School.) So clinching a playoff spot with the most expensive roster in the game is hardly an accomplishment.  The Yankees just got what they paid for. Congratulations!