ncf_g_kelly_300There is no arguing that the debut of new Oregon head coach Chip Kelly was an unmitigated disaster.

Two weeks ago, Kelly and the Ducks lost to Boise State 19-8 in an uninspiring performance that was exacerbated when star running back LeGarrette Blount lost his shit after the game, punching Boise State defensive end Byron Hout after Hout sought out Blount to taunt him (in all honesty, Hout deserved to get clocked.  But you can’t do that on national television, no matter how warranted.) Blount also needed to be restrained from going after fans in the stands, and was subsequently suspended by Kelly for the remainder of the season.  As we said, an unmitigated disaster.

However, Portland-based Oregon alum Tony Seminary was not as upset by Blount’s actions as he was that he spent $439 to travel to Boise for the game  only to see the Ducks play so poorly. According to reports, soon after the game he sent an e-mail to Kelly, saying in part “the product on the field Thursday night is not something I was at all proud of, and I feel as though I’m entitled to my money back for the trip.” He also attached an invoice to the message for the $439.

Kelly responded by asking for Seminary’s address, and unbelievably sent him a check out of his own pocket to cover Seminary’s expenses. Seminary, to his credit, was so taken aback and impressed by Kelly’s actions that he decided to send the check back to the Oregon coach with a thank-you note included.

An incredible story no doubt, and all’s well that ends well, we guess.  But expect Kelly to get bombarded with e-mails demanding refunds every time the Ducks don’t perform up to expectations.  Is he really going to bust out his checkbook every time Oregon loses to reimburse disgruntled fans?  We know you’re new to this whole head coaching thing, Chip (Kelly was Oregon’s offensive coordinator before ascending to the top spot when former coach Mike Belotti retired), but there is a reason major college coaches act aloof and above their fan bases.   Asking rabid fans to act like rational human beings is akin to asking a lion to be a monkey.  It’s just not in their nature.  Great gesture, but we’re sure this little act of kindness will blow up in your face.